Find Your Dream Job At Carson Plains Casino

Carson Plains Casino offers our employee’s excellent benefits including:

  • Health Care

  • 401K

  • Life Insurance

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • Paid Vacation

If you are interested in applying for any jobs below, pick up an application at the Carson Plains Casino.

Or fill out the digital application and email it to Employment@silveradocasino.net

Digital Application

Open Positions: Ranch House Cook:

We currently have a job opening as a cook in our Ranch House Restaurant. This is a critical position in the Ranch House kitchen and is responsible for maintaining the quality of food prepared for our guests. The cook will be responsible for prepping, assembling, and ensuring the quality of our food.

Job Requirements:

  • Proven experience as a cook

  • Experience in using cutting tools, cookware, and bakeware

  • Knowledge of various cooking procedures and methods (grilling, baking, boiling etc.)

  • Ability to follow all sanitation procedures

  • Ability to work in a team

  • Strong communication skills


Carson Plains Casino is looking for a Dishwasher who will be responsible for maintaining kitchen work areas, equipment, plates and utensils in a clean, sanitary and orderly condition. Assists in food preparation procedures when needed.

Job Requirements:

  • Scrapes and washes dishes

  • Washes pots, pans and trays

  • Completes all assigned prep work

  • Removes trash and garbage to dumpster area

  • Keeps work area tables, walls, refrigerator equipment, cooking equipment and floors clean